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On page seo optimization / local seo audit


  • On page seo optimization / local seo audit
Price : Rs0
Type : Buy
Date : May 13, 2023
Condition : New
Location : 111A/238, Ashok Nagar, Kanpur , India, Up


Yoh Technologies is a renowned IT company with its main office in Kanpur , India . Since our establishment in 2017 , we have been at the forefront of providing excellent IT alternatives to clients throughout the world . We have a significant presence in both the Indian and international markets .

As a leading provider of IT services , we are pleased to present this proposal for your consideration . Our proposed services include web design / development , digital marketing , ecommerce listing , business consulting , and outsourcing services , aimed at supporting your business growth and success .

Visit website – www . yohtech . com

Our company has a team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who are committed to providing our clients with top – notch services . We have a track record of providing customers around the world with profitable initiatives . Using our knowledge of various IT services , we are assured in supplying the fine offerings to our customers in the UK as properly as in the total world .


Yoh Technologies is a reputable and established provider of IT services , specializing in web design / development , digital marketing , ecommerce listing , business consulting , and outsourcing services . With 5 years of industry experience and a team of skilled professionals , we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional IT solutions to businesses like yours .


Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who have a proven track record of delivering high – quality IT services . We have the following qualifications and experience

Web Design / Development

Digital Marketing

Seo services

E – commerce listing

Business consulting

Outsourcing services

The budget and pricing for our IT services will be customised based on the specific needs and requirements of each UK client . We will work with the client to create a proposal that outlines the scope of work , timeline , and pricing details

Problem Statement :

In today ‘ s digital age , businesses face various challenges that require effective IT solutions to overcome . Some of the common problems that businesses encounter include :

Lack of online presence : Many businesses struggle with establishing a strong online presence , including a professional website , digital marketing strategy , and effective ecommerce listings . This can result in missed opportunities for customer engagement and revenue generation .

Ineffective digital marketing : Businesses may face challenges in developing and implementing effective digital marketing strategies that drive targeted traffic , generate leads , and convert them into customers . This can result in reduced brand visibility and lower sales and revenue .

Inefficient ecommerce listings : Ecommerce businesses often face challenges in optimising their product listings , including product deions , images , and pricing , to attract and convert customers . Poorly optimised listings can result in lower search rankings , reduced visibility , and lower sales .

Lack of strategic business consulting : Businesses may require expert advice and guidance in areas such as business strategy , process improvement , and technology adoption . The lack of strategic business consulting can hinder business growth and profitability .

Resource constraints : Many businesses face limitations in terms of time , budget , and expertise to effectively manage their IT needs in – house . This can result in inefficient operations , missed opportunities , and increased costs .

As a result of these challenges , businesses may struggle to achieve their IT goals , optimise their online presence , and drive revenue growth . Therefore , there is a clear need for a reliable and experienced IT services provider that can deliver tailored solutions to address these issues and help businesses achieve their objectives .

Visit website – www . yohtech . com

We believe that these works showcase our expertise and success in providing high – quality IT services to clients . We are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients and are confident that we can do the same for your business .