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Architect Services

Fast and top quality brick production

Rs5,000,000 (Negotiable)

  • Fast and top quality brick production
  • Fast and top quality brick production
  • Fast and top quality brick production
Price : Rs5,000,000 (Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : November 6, 2023
Condition : New
Location : Barona, Haryana, India-131402

Fully automatic mobile brick making machine by SnPC Machines , First of its kind of machine in the world , our brick – making machine moves on wheels like a vehicle and produces bricks while the vehicle is on move . This allows kiln owners to produce bricks anywhere and anytime , as per their requirements . Fully automatic Mobile brick – making machine can produce up to 12000 bricks / hour with a reduction of up to 45 % in production cost in comparison with manual and other machinery as well as 4 – times ( as per testing agencies report ) more in compressive strength with standard shape , sizes and another extraordinary provision exist i . e ( that is ) machine produced several brick sizes and it can be changed as per customer requirements from time to time . Snpc machines India is selling 04 models of fully automatic brick making machines : BMM160 brick making machine , BMM310 , BMM400 , and BMM410 , ( semi – automatic and fully automatic ) to the worldwide brick industry which produce bricks according to their capacites and fuel requirements . Raw material required for these machines is mainly clay , mud , soil or mixure of both . These moving automatic trucks are durable and easy to handle while operating . These machines are eco – friendly and budget – friendly as only one – third of water as compared to other methods is required and minimum labour is enough for these machines . We are offering direct customers access to multiple sites in both domestic and international stages , so they can see the demo and then will order us after satisfaction .

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